kampfflieger (kampfflieger) wrote,

Мейдмайдей (щє луччє)

Нарешті! Нарешті хтось це зробив. На єбеї продають мазер Рашу, стартова ціна 99 центів:

Item name: Russia
Color: Red. Till now.
Size: 17075400 square kilometers
Weight: Far less than it thinks
Main field of use: Trouble-making
Features: Very effective in extermination of its own people (up to several tens of millions per semi-century). Very rigid. Freedom-proof. Corruption-friendly. Mud included. Can also be used as a big freezer.
Condition: Very bad. And worsening.
Shipping method: Self-pickup (You will receive confirmation letter by e-mail)
Warranty and refund: No

Божествєнно, божествєнно.

На_водку дав tovarisch andreistp
Tags: добросусідське, доколє!, ето просто празднік кокойто!, ето піздєц

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