December 24th, 2014

the Gyro Captain

Колупаємо Фоккер

Про "саксонський" Фоккер. Ось що пише Ронні Бар:

"As far as I know, the crest is the Coat of Arms of Saxony, the same marking was seen on photo of an early Fokker built D-VII published in the MvR Flying Circus DF Special and captioned as have been flown by Paul Aue of Jasta 10, but I guess it was Greg VanWyngarden who told me that the photo was taken after the war, when Paul Aue served in a Freikorps unit, so it's quite possible this Fokker E-V photo was taken during the same period..."

Так шо літачок може бути фрайкорівським, тоді ще цікавіше.
the Gyro Captain

Саксонський Фоккер, третя серія

Тепер про пілота, дяки Stephen Lawson:

Born in Saxony Offz.Stv. Paul Aue carried a similar heraldry on his early production Fokker D.VII . He served in Jasta 10 from Oct. 1916 until 19 Sept. 1917 when he was WIA. After recovery he was assigned to replacement depot FEA Nr. 12 and was reassigned friom there back to Jasta 10 in about Feb. 1918, (His wounds were harsh and he had suffered personally). He continued to served there until the EOW. 7 of his 10 victories were confirmed. The difference with his motif and the one on the Fok. E.V seen here, is the diagonal stripe here is a solid stripe. The pilot of this machine (D.157/18) may simply have been from Saxony too but from a different city. The diagonal stripe was to represent a scalling ladder against the wall of a castle.

От така непонятка, може це і не Paul Aue. Чим дальше, тим цікавіше.