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Шоб не загубилося, сімки

Col. Barker, V.C. in one of the captured German aeroplanes against which he fought his last air battle.

Цікавий "Фоккер" нумеро "50", такий мені не траплявся. Зверніть увагу, номер також на нижньому крилі.

UPD: Taken at Armour Heights, another airfield built during the war in Toronto, William Barker is running up the Mercedes engine in the Fokker D.VII that he flew during the Toronto-New York Air Race of August 1919. The large ‘50’ painted on the underside of the wings and fuselage was his race number.

Із інших цікавостей - перевернутий лівий елерон, видно частину хреста.

Major W.A. Bishop and Lt. Col. W.G. Barker in front of a Fokker D. VII.

Які люди!
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